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Tip #141 – Word

Word: Delete One Page in Your Document


Scenario:      You have a multi-page document and you want to delete a page (text and all) from somewhere in the middle.


Rather than have to try to select from the start to the end of the page (without accidentally deleting something you shouldn’t have) – let Word select the page for you.


Full tip: Word tip

Tip #140 – Word

Word: Getting Rid of That Annoying Automatic List Indent


Scenario:      Word now indents numbered and bullet list – specifically .25” from the left margin.


But you want your list to start back flush with the left margin (like the olden days).


Full tip: Word tip

Tip #139 – Outlook

Outlook: Creating an Outlook Distribution List from Excel Data


Scenario:      You have an Excel spreadsheet of people’s names and email addresses that you would like to use to create an Outlook distribution list.


No problem…


Full tip: Outlook tip

Tip #138 – Word and Excel

Word/Excel: Trust me – I’m a doctor


If you are constantly opening up files (from a source you say is good – like a shared network drive) – and Word, or Excel, is displaying the Protected View banner….you can disable this.


Protected View is a read-only mode in which most of the editing functions are disabled to help protect you from potentially malicious software.


But if you’re opening up files from a source you know and trust – like a shared drive…you just have to let Word (and Excel) know that this source is trustworthy.


Full tip: Word and Excel tip

Tip #137 – Word

Word: Replacement Fonts


I recently purchased a new computer. When I opened up my Weekly Tip from last week (to edit it for this week) – the font was….really different. Not the VEGGIEBURGER (seriously, that’s the name) font that I normally use.


That’s because the VEGGIEBURGER font wasn’t on my new computer.


And although the font that Word had substituted wasn’t suitable for a Tip….I REALLY liked it and knew that I’d like to use it in other situations.


But how can I use this new font if I don’t know its name? Word simply showed VEGGIEBURGER up in the Font box – nowhere did it display the name of the new font. I wanted to know.


Full tip: Word tip

Tip #136 – OneNote

OneNote: If You’ve Got It – Use It


Simplified: OneNote is essentially an electronic binder that enables you to keep important “documents” and information with you at all times.


Full tip: OneNote tip

Tip #135 – Google

Google: Take a Brain Break


I’m all for doing things efficiently. Getting your work done – but sometimes…you just need to chill. Give your brain a break.


Google has just the thing for you.


Full tip: Google tip

Tip #134 – Excel

Excel (Advanced-ish): Using Wildcards in Equations


If you need to sum up (the same) cells from a number of sheets – that are all similarly named…this tip is for you.


Full tip: Excel tip

Tip #133 – Outlook

Outlook: Try It


I have sent out 132 weekly tips over the past 3 years.


I think what’s likely happening is that you read the tip and think “Cool!” and…then forget to try it or practice it.


So…I’m going to , for the next little while, be reviewing some of the shorter and sweeter ones.


Do yourself a favour – try them the minute you receive them. Don’t just say “Neat-oh, I’ll have to try that”….TRY IT.


I’ll know if you haven’t….


Full tip: Outlook tip

Tip #132 – Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office: These are a Few of My Favourite Things


One great shortcut for each of Word, Excel, Outlook, Windows and PowerPoint.


Full tip: Microsoft Office tip