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Tip #211_Windows10

Windows: Suppress Unwanted Notifications with Focus


Scenario: You’re giving a PowerPoint presentation to a group and an email notification – which displays the Subject of the email – pops up in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen for all to see. (Note: I once had a smug colleague (knowing that I was giving a presentation) teach me a lesson by sending me an email with the subject “Your probation officer called”.

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Tip #207_Windows10



As a traveler, I find myself needing to access my Wifi, HotSpot, Airplane Mode and similar features on a fairly regular basis.

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Tip #201_Windows

Windows 10: A few wicked little tips


TIP #1: Start a second program

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Tip #194_Windows

WINDOWS: How to rename numerous files at once


Scenario: You’ve taken a bunch of photos at an event or occasion. You import them onto your computer – into the same folder. But they’re all named something ambiguous like IMG_20140405_033848.jpg, IMG_20140405_033849.jpg, etc.

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Tip #189_Windows10

Windows 10: Jump to a distant folder with one click


Scenario: in the Windows Explorer RECENT list, you see a file that you worked on recently – but it’s another file in that same folder that you really want. How do you open the folder that that recent files belongs to?

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Tip #184_Windows 10

Windows 10: ZIP (file compression) is built into Windows


Good-bye WinZip and other third-party compression programs – that feature is built right into Windows 10.

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Tip #180_Windows10

Windows 10: PIN a specific folder to Windows 10 File Explorer


I use my CTC OneDrive (for Business) folder more than any other on my computer. So, when I open the File Explorer, 99% of the time it’s because I want to access that particular folder.

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Tip #178_Windows10

Windows 10: Record Quick Videos


You’re trying to explain a software function or concept to someone – and they’re just not getting it?

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Tip #177_Windows10

Windows 10: Instantly Tidy Up Your Desktop


We all do it – quickly save files to our Desktop just to save them in a hurry without having to think about where we should store them. Or maybe we know we’ll only need the files for a short while. Before you know it, your Desktop is one cluttered mess and you can barely see that beautiful picture of a Cuban sunset that you have for your background.

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Tip #175_Windows

Windows 10: File Explorer (now called Windows Explorer) Gems



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