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Tip #095 – Microsoft Office

Word/Excel/Outlook/PowerPoint: Take Your Best Shot


You know you’ve been hitting the PRINTSCREEN button for years – then dealing with that sad little Paint program just so you could get a screenshot into a document or email? Well, have no fear – Screenshot and Screen Clipping is here!


Full tip: Microsoft Office tip

Tip #089 – Windows

Windows: Stop the Keyboard From (Suddenly) Changing Languages on You

If you ever use Excel and especially Excel on a laptop – you probably find that, from time to time, certain characters you type all of a sudden start showing up as French characters.


Here’s WHY and what to do about it.


Full tip: Windows tip

Tip #091 – Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office: Various Keyboard Shortcuts


Anyone who has taken a course with me knows I’m a keyboard f-a-n-a-t-i-c. Well, I know I’m not the only keyboard geek around…some of you are too – so these tips are for you.


I won’t give you too many – then hopefully you’ll be more inclined to actually TRY them.


Full tip: Microsoft Office tip

Tip #094 – Excel

Excel: Creating a Quick Font Table

Two “things” about this tip:

  1. Even though it’s an EXCEL tip – it doesn’t involve math; and
  2. It’s really kind of a Word tip – in the end.


Full tip: Excel tip

Tip #092 – Outlook

Outlook: File Messages with a Single Click


I am into folders. And sub-folders. And sub-sub-folders. And… you get the picture.


Sometimes saving an important email into a sub (sub sub) folder can be a bother – so here’s a shortcut (for those who don’t want to create a message rule (which moves the email before you’ve had a chance to read it)).


Full tip: Outlook tip

Tip #111 – PowerPoint

PowerPoint: Running an Intro Presentation before the Main Event

SCENARIO: While you are waiting for your slideshow presentation audience to file into the room – you’d like to run a few introductory slides…looping over and over until you’re ready to run the main presentation. At which point, you’d like to just tap a key and the main presentation starts.


SOLUTION: Create a few slides that you want to have repeat as your before-show-fill-in – and have them set to LOOP until you press a key – then they automatically fall out of the loop…and your main event (presentation) starts.


Full tip: PowerPoint tip

Tip #090 – iPhone

iPhone (and some Androids): Some shortcuts and tricks


Sorry ‘droid (Android) and BlCrackberry users – I am (WAS) an iPhone (and iPad) user so I am apt to pick up more of those tips. However, the odd tip below (marked) will also work on Androids.


Full tip: iPhone tip

Tip #045 – Excel

Excel: End-of-Month Date Calculation

Since not all months contain the same number of days – here is a handy Excel formula to calculate the last day of a month.


Full tip: Excel tip

Tip #041 – Word

Word: Quick Line Borders

These borders are so quick and easy to create – and look terrific below a title or at the top of a résumé.


Full tip: Word Tip

Tip #040 – Outlook

Outlook: Oops

This tip is born out of a mistake that I just made…


I was in an Outlook appointment – which is how I book people into my courses. I made a change to a client’s information in this booking. I went to click the SAVE & CLOSE button…but I guess I was in a bit too much of a hurry for my own good…and I over-reached and clicked the DELETE button which is located at the start of the toolbar (silly location).


Then entire course booking sheet disappeared! “Jumping juniper” I exclaimed! (Honest).


Full tip: Outlook tip