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Tip #149_iPhone

iPhone: See WHO you’re texting


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Tip #147_iPhone

iPhone: Strength in Numbers


The signal bars at the top (left) corner of your iPhone don’t always reflect the exact strength of your signal. Yes, three bars are lit up – but you’re not feeling the love and wondering if it’s accurate.

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Tip #090 – iPhone

iPhone (and some Androids): Some shortcuts and tricks


Sorry ‘droid (Android) and BlCrackberry users – I am (WAS) an iPhone (and iPad) user so I am apt to pick up more of those tips. However, the odd tip below (marked) will also work on Androids.

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Tip #065 – iPhone

iPhone: Making Your Own Voice Ringtones (super cool)

These ringtones can be applied to calls AND text messages. When my Nanna phones me I hear her 98-year old British voice say “Ring, ring, it’s Nanna!” . If my sister sends me a text, I hear her voice saying “Hey Jannie, read this”. And when my husband phones me on my cellphone, I hear his voice proclaiming “You’re right Janet” (my personal favourite).


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