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Tip #089 – Windows

Windows: Stop the Keyboard From (Suddenly) Changing Languages on You

If you ever use Excel and especially Excel on a laptop – you probably find that, from time to time, certain characters you type all of a sudden start showing up as French characters.


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Tip #063 – Windows

Windows 10: Keyboard shortcuts

Sometimes reaching over to grab the mouse, after you’ve been typing, is just too darn much work! Not to mention too slow.


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Tip #085 – Windows

Windows: More than Just a Calculator

#1: Calculator – It does so much more than you thought it did!

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Tip #080 – Windows 10

Windows 10: Two nifty shortcuts

Tip #1: Short and sweet

We often work on multiple documents (and programs, of course) at once.
The next time you need to open another (second, third, etc) document in a program (like Word or Excel) that is already running…

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Tip #104 – Windows

Windows: The French (keyboard) must be stopped!

In an earlier tip, I explained that you can accidentally change your keyboard language by pressing the [CTRL][SHFT] keyboard combination. Excel users (well, efficient Excel users) are more likely to do this because the keyboard shortcut for selecting to the very bottom of a range of data in Excel is [CTRL][SHFT] ↓


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