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Tip #191_MicrosoftOffice

VARIOUS: Keyboard shortcuts (because, like chocolate, you can never get enough)


Full tip: Microsoft Office tip

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Tip #091 – Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office: Various Keyboard Shortcuts


Anyone who has taken a course with me knows I’m a keyboard f-a-n-a-t-i-c. Well, I know I’m not the only keyboard geek around…some of you are too – so these tips are for you.

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Tip #035 – Microsoft Office

Keyboard Method to Open Recent Files

Not everyone is a keyboard fanatic, like me. That’s o-k. (Little bit of a condescending tone…sorry). I am interested in what gets the job done fastest and most efficiently. That usually means the keyboard. As long as it is easy to remember (not like the old convoluted “F” keys of days gone by).


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Tip #056 – Microsoft Office

Office: Drag n’ Drop

An often-quicker alternative to cut (or copy) and paste…

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Tip #057 – Microsoft Office

WORD/EXCEL/POWERPOINT: Storing and Using Multiple Clipboards items

Haven’t you heard the rumour that you can store up to 24 items in the Windows Clipboard?

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Tip #034 – Microsoft Office

Supercharge the Clipboard

You are copying and pasting text here and there – but there are a few (different) items that you would like to re-paste. But [CTRL] V only remembers the last item you copied/cut. You need to paste various items repeatedly – without repeating the select/copy/cut steps.

Actually, the Clipboard will remember that last 24 (yes, you read it right 2-4) items you have cut/copied. You just need access to them…

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