Great tips for using Word, Excel, Outlook, Access, PowerPoint, Windows…and much more.

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Tip #001 – Microsoft Office

Quick-Close Documents – not programs.

See that X at the top-right corner of your Word (or Excel or PowerPoint) window? That X closes the current program window. I say program window because it is possible to have more than one copy of the same program running at a time. Who hasn’t worked on two Word documents at the same time? Well then, you’ve had two Word program windows open…


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Tip #002 – Excel

The Fastest Copy Method

You have typed a formula into a cell near the top of a column. You would like to COPY that equation to all the blank cells below you (stopping at the lower boundary of the other columns in your spreadsheet)…


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Tip #003 – PowerPoint

Want to make a 100-photo slideshow (for a wedding, funeral, anniversary) in under 1 minute?

Full tip here: PowerPoint Tip

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Tip #004 – Word

One of the best Word keyboard shortcuts

You have a number of paragraphs in a row and there’s one that is in the wrong position…it needs to be moved up (or down) the body of other paragraphs…


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Tip #005 – Excel

More on the Amazing Fill Handle

You are sitting on a cell that contains the word January (or Monday). You know if you drag the Fill Handle (the little black square located at the bottom-right corner of the cell pointer) and drag down (or across) that February, March (or Tuesday, Wednesday) will appear in the adjacent cells…


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Tip #006 – Excel

COUNT is Good Excel formula but it has Limitations

If you want Excel to count how many cells contain numeric entries – use the COUNT function (ie, =COUNT(range)). Cells containing non-numeric entries (ie, text) will NOT be included in the answer…


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Tip #007 – Outlook

Make Particular Emails Stand Out

We all get so many emails every day that you can miss the odd one. What if it’s from a very important client (I mean…they all are!) or your boss? How can you avoid missing those email in particular?


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Tip #008 – Excel

Speed up your data entry

If you need to enter the same data (text, numbers or equations) into a range of cells – rather than type it then copy it to the adjacent range of cells – type it into the entire range at once…


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Tip #009 – General PC

Zoom Zoom Zoom all your programs

The next time you need to zoom in or out in a program or document – don’t waste your time with the standard VIEW/ZOOM menu or tab…


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Tip #010 – Word

The CHANGE CASE button ain’t so hot…

You’re in Word and you’ve typed some text in the wrong case (all lowercase when it should have been all uppercase, for example)…


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