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Outlook: Two Wee Tips


Quick Calendar GoTo Date

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Tip #214_Outlook

Outlook: Creating an Add-to-Calendar link in an Email Message


As an alternative to sending out a meeting request, you can add an iCalendar attachment or link to an iCalendar file to an email message – so that when the recipient either opens the attachment or click on the link, the event can be added to their calendar.

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Tip #210_Outlook

Outlook: Adding an iCal appointment to your Outlook Calendar


Scenario: I just signed up for a webinar. The confirmation included an iCal file (with an .ics file extension) – that includes the details of the event. I want to add it to my Outlook calendar…without having to manually repeat the information.

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Tip #200_Outlook

Outlook: 1 Tip & 1 Good Habit


Tip: Exclude recipient(s) from a Distribution List

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Tip #195_Outlook

OUTLOOK: How to add someone to your Safe Sender’s List



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Tip #182_Outlook

Outlook: Are You Using These Two Time-Saving Shortcuts?


CONTACTS (PEOPLE) TIP (Contacts is now PEOPLE in the latest version of Outlook (2016)).

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Tip #171_Outlook

Outlook: Making Unread Email Stand Out


Full tip: Outlook tip

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Tip #170_Outlook

Outlook: Private Appointments



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Tip #168_Outlook

Outlook: Delegate Replies



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Tip #157_Outlook

OUTLOOK: I love Sub-folders…but they all look the same!


Again…I am a folder fanatic. I keep sooo much of my email. I keep my Inbox as uncluttered as possible (only 231 items right now) by moving “keepers” to appropriate Inbox subfolders.

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