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Tip #174_PowerPoint

PowerPoint: Add a Ticker Tape Readout to Your Presentation


PowerPoint has a tremendous amount of special effects – but you can also create your own…like a ticker tape readout…

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Tip #159_Word_Excel_PowerPoint

Word/Excel/PowerPoint: Storing & Using Multiple Clipboard items


People often (mistakenly) think that you can only store one piece of information at a time in the Windows CLIPBOARD: and when you cut or copy a new item…you lose the first item. Not true. You can store up to 24 items in the Windows Clipboard. And access any of them throughout your day.

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Tip #117 – PowerPoint

PowerPoint: The Quiet Hero – the Selection Pane

The PowerPoint SELECTION PANE makes it so much easier to work on slides that contain numerous graphic and text (box) images. How?


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Tip #132 – Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office: These are a Few of My Favourite Things


One great shortcut for each of Word, Excel, Outlook, Windows and PowerPoint.

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Tip #111 – PowerPoint

PowerPoint: Running an Intro Presentation before the Main Event

SCENARIO: While you are waiting for your slideshow presentation audience to file into the room – you’d like to run a few introductory slides…looping over and over until you’re ready to run the main presentation. At which point, you’d like to just tap a key and the main presentation starts.


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Tip #044 – PowerPoint

PowerPoint: Two Shows for the Price of One

Scenario: You are about to give a PowerPoint presentation – but you’d like to have a few introductory slides looping over and over again as the audience files in. Then…when you’re ready…tap a key and the main presentation starts.


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Tip #016 – PowerPoint

Faster Formatting & Quick Duplication

Any text on a PowerPoint slide – be it a number/bullet list or a paragraph – is contained in a text box/frame.

You know that any time you want to format text that has already been typed – you must first select the text…

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Tip #017 – PowerPoint

Access to Inaccessible Slides

We’ve all received them…slide shows (extension .pps) that arrive by email of gorgeous European castles or breathtaking scenery. If you double-click them the slide show runs automatically (so that you don’t have to know how to go into PowerPoint and start the slideshow) – but you can’t get your hands on the individual pictures…some of which you’d love to add to your desktop wallpaper collection…


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Tip #060 – Word & PowerPoint

Word and PowerPoint: Great graphic tools

For those of you who let me know how exciting  the last (Excel) tip was…Thank You. But…fasten your seat belts…this one is even more exciting. I kid you not!


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Tip #055 – PowerPoint

PowerPoint: Sharing Slides

Scenario: You need to create a presentation and find that a slide from another presentation could be useful in this new presentation. Why re-invent the wheel?

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