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Tip #205_Word

Word: Things you should never do #2


Full tip: Word tip

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Tip #202_Word

Word: Things you should never do #1


Full tip: Word tip

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Tip #199_Word

Word: Keyboard Shortcut Method for the FORMAT PAINTER


Tip#2: Where is that command?

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Tip #197_Word

WORD: Protecting a Word document from copying or plagiarism


It’s one thing to protect a document from being edited. But the instructions below will stop your text from even being selected (and therefore copied to another location).

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Tip #193_Word

WORD: SPELLCHECK – how to skip selected text


Scenario: You’re writing a book that contains a section of text using poorly-spelled slang or unusual acronyms or short-forms – and you’re tired of having to deal with the myriad of red-lining that automatic SpellCheck adds to your document (or having to stop at each of these instances when you actually run the Spelling & Grammar function).

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Tip #179_Word

Word (and PowerPoint): How to Obtain Unicode Characters


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Tip #172_Word

Word: Editing a Password-Protected Document


First of all – this tip is NOT about being open a Word document that is locked via a PASSWORD-TO-OPEN password. If you’ve lost that password – you are out of luck.

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Tip #169_Word

Word: Two Table Tips


Tip #1: Auto-Number Table Rows

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Tip #159_Word_Excel_PowerPoint

Word/Excel/PowerPoint: Storing & Using Multiple Clipboard items


People often (mistakenly) think that you can only store one piece of information at a time in the Windows CLIPBOARD: and when you cut or copy a new item…you lose the first item. Not true. You can store up to 24 items in the Windows Clipboard. And access any of them throughout your day.

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Tip #158_Word

WORD: Side by Side Documents


I often create two manuals for a course: one for the students and one for the instructor. The instructor’s copy will have adding text to aid in teaching the course.

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