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Tip #212_Excel

Excel: Fun with Links


If you have a very large spreadsheet – consider adding HYPERLINKS to help you and others move around the spreadsheet must faster.


You can create a hyperlink OBJECT (a graphic item, like a button) or use simple text.


Full tip: Excel tip

Tip #211_Windows10

Windows: Suppress Unwanted Notifications with Focus


Scenario: You’re giving a PowerPoint presentation to a group and an email notification – which displays the Subject of the email – pops up in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen for all to see. (Note: I once had a smug colleague (knowing that I was giving a presentation) teach me a lesson by sending me an email with the subject “Your probation officer called”.


Or maybe you’re trying to get some serious work done and the constant barrage of notifications is interruptive.


You can solve this issue with the Windows 10 Focus Assist feature. It enables you to control how and when Windows notifies you of newly received email, messages, phone calls and alarms.


Full tip: Windows 10 tip

Tip #210_Outlook

Outlook: Adding an iCal appointment to your Outlook Calendar


Scenario: I just signed up for a webinar. The confirmation included an iCal file (with an .ics file extension) – that includes the details of the event. I want to add it to my Outlook calendar…without having to manually repeat the information.


Full tip: Outlook tip

Tip #209_Passwords

Passwords: No Fooling Around


With more and more of our life tied up in the digital clouds, it is more important than ever to secure your logins and personal and business information as strongly as possible.


Lame passwords are a thing of the past – and you should be flogged if you continue using them.


Full tip: Passwords tip

Tip #208_Excel

Excel: Things you should never do #2


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Tip #207_Windows10



As a traveler, I find myself needing to access my Wifi, HotSpot, Airplane Mode and similar features on a fairly regular basis.


Although the Wifi icon is available in the Sytem Tray (also at the bottom-right corner of the screen) – the numerous other travelling features are not.


That’s when the Quick Action buttons come into play.


Full tip: Windows 10 tip

Tip #206_GoogleTranslate

Google Translate Offline: ¡Es fantástico!


Google Translate can be downloaded onto your phone so that you can use it even without an internet or cellular connection. Muy genial!


There are 59 languages available to download. And 32 of those languages can be used (if you have a cellular or wifi connection) for two-way instant speech translation. Seriously! Speak into your phone, in English – and have the phone translate (and speak!) whatever you said to your taxi driver or waiter or friend.


AND if that’s not enough – when you do have a cellular or wifi connection, you can take a picture of any one of 38 foreign-language sign with your phone – and have Google translate it into English instantly!


Full tip: Google Translate tip

Tip #205_Word

Word: Things you should never do #2


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Tip #204_GoogleChrome



I love to bookmark things – for when that elusive “spare time” arrives. But trying to later find that web page you bookmarked or visited last month (or year) can be time-consuming and frustrating.


Well, let’s fix that…(this is so exciting…one of my favourite tips!)


Full tip: Google Chrome tip

Tip #203_Excel

Excel: Things you should never do #1


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