Microsoft Excel 2016 – Level 2

After taking our Excel 2016 – Level 2 training course, you will see how you can get this multi-faceted program to work efficiently for you. An interesting and challenging course for the average Excel user who wants to improve their skills.

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What Excel Functions You’ll Learn

  • IF equation use
    • the =IF statement is a decision-making tool that enables Excel to decide what actions to take on your behave – based on what it finds in a cell. If the specified condition(s) is/are met, one action will be performed otherwise an entirely different action will be performed.
      – Multiple-condition IFs
      – Nested IFs
  • Range names
    • Range names are meaningful labels that you can assign to individual cells or cell ranges. You can use a range name anywhere you would use a cell reference or cell range reference.
  • Error mesages
    • How can you fix errors if you do not understand what issue they signify?
  • Text-To-Columns
    • The TEXT TO COLUMNS functions helps you clean up messy imported data.
  • Flash Fill for cleaning up imported data
    • This exciting feature is used for both joining data together (ie, joining FirstName and LastName from separate columns) and for breaking data apart (like separating area codes from phone numbers). As soon as it detects your data pattern – Flash Fill enters the rest of your (altered) data for you. Amazing.
  • Data Validation tools
    • This function allows you to restrict the type or range of data that users can enter into your worksheet. You can also offer on-screen help and customized error messages for invalid data.
  • The SUBTOTAL function
    • If you have numeric data organized with clear column and row headings, you can use Excel to create automatic subtotals and grand totals and other mathematical summations.
  • Multiple-page workbooks
  • Linking sheets with equations
  • Linking files
  • Sorting
    • Multi-column sorts
    • How to perform sorts based on non-alphabetic or numeric data
  • Password Protection (Three levels)

Need to back up a level? Consider the Level 1 (CORE) course

Course Cost

$175 per person (+ HST)
Hours: 9am – 4pm (approx)
Excel 2016 Level 2 manual included
After-course email and telephone support included
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Maximum 10 Students per class.