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Tip #068 – Excel

Excel: More Ways to Play with the Fill Handle

Yet another use for the ever-flexible Fill Handle…


Here are some fast way to insert (yes…INSERT) cells using the Fill Handle.


Full tip: Excel tip

Tip #093 – Word

Word: (Almost) Instant Tables


Full tip: Word tip

Tip #104 – Windows

Windows: The French (keyboard) must be stopped!

In an earlier tip, I explained that you can accidentally change your keyboard language by pressing the [CTRL][SHFT] keyboard combination. Excel users (well, efficient Excel users) are more likely to do this because the keyboard shortcut for selecting to the very bottom of a range of data in Excel is [CTRL][SHFT] ↓


Since [CTRL][SHFT] caused the French characters to start appearing (you get an é when you type a ? mark) that same key combination ([CTRL][SHFT]) pressed once (if you have two keyboard languages installed on your computer) or twice (if you have three keyboard languages installed) can fix the problem – temporarily.


But who wants to have to keep fixing this issue manually?


Full tip: Windows tip

Tip #001 – Microsoft Office

Quick-Close Documents – not programs.

See that X at the top-right corner of your Word (or Excel or PowerPoint) window? That X closes the current program window. I say program window because it is possible to have more than one copy of the same program running at a time. Who hasn’t worked on two Word documents at the same time? Well then, you’ve had two Word program windows open…


Full tip here: Microsoft Office tip

Tip #002 – Excel

The Fastest Copy Method

You have typed a formula into a cell near the top of a column. You would like to COPY that equation to all the blank cells below you (stopping at the lower boundary of the other columns in your spreadsheet)…


Full tip here: Excel tip

Tip #010 – Word

The CHANGE CASE button ain’t so hot…

You’re in Word and you’ve typed some text in the wrong case (all lowercase when it should have been all uppercase, for example)…


Full tip: Word tip