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Tip #148_Word

Word: Fancy-schmancy Page Number Trick


Page numbering means numbers, right? Not necessarily…

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Tip #141 – Word

Word: Delete One Page in Your Document


Scenario:      You have a multi-page document and you want to delete a page (text and all) from somewhere in the middle.

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Tip #140 – Word

Word: Getting Rid of That Annoying Automatic List Indent


Scenario:      Word now indents numbered and bullet list – specifically .25” from the left margin.

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Tip #138 – Word and Excel

Word/Excel: Trust me – I’m a doctor


If you are constantly opening up files (from a source you say is good – like a shared network drive) – and Word, or Excel, is displaying the Protected View banner….you can disable this.

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Tip #137 – Word

Word: Replacement Fonts


I recently purchased a new computer. When I opened up my Weekly Tip from last week (to edit it for this week) – the font was….really different. Not the VEGGIEBURGER (seriously, that’s the name) font that I normally use.

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Tip #132 – Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office: These are a Few of My Favourite Things


One great shortcut for each of Word, Excel, Outlook, Windows and PowerPoint.

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Tip #130 – Word

Word: You’ve Got to Move It Move It


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Tip #095 – Microsoft Office

Word/Excel/Outlook/PowerPoint: Take Your Best Shot


You know you’ve been hitting the PRINTSCREEN button for years – then dealing with that sad little Paint program just so you could get a screenshot into a document or email? Well, have no fear – Screenshot and Screen Clipping is here!

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Tip #041 – Word

Word: Quick Line Borders

These borders are so quick and easy to create – and look terrific below a title or at the top of a résumé.


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Tip #023 – Word

Remembering Where you Left Off & Save All Open Documents at Once

You are working on a long document. You’re tired. You finished some edit somewhere within the document. SAVE it (by using [CTRL] S, of course!) and close down for the day…


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