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Tip #061 – Word and PowerPoint

Word and PowerPoint : Great graphic tools – PART 2

This continuing tip will deal with CROPPING and LAYERS.


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Tip #062 – PowerPoint

PowerPoint: Uniform Graphic Duplication

When you have a graphic image on a slide – and you’ve made it the perfect size and shape, etc…and you’d like a second (identical) shape…rather than COPY and PASTE it…you can DUPLICATE it.


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Tip #074 – PowerPoint

PowerPoint: Eight invaluable keyboard shortcuts


Full tip: PowerPoint tip

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Tip #064 – PowerPoint

PowerPoint: Borrowing Design Themes from Other Presentations

When is this especially handy? If you have presentations that:

  • You’ve made (and saved) from past versions of PowerPoint – using a theme that is so longer available in the newer version of PowerPoint; or
  • Were created specifically for your company or agency and you would like to use the same theme – but don’t know where to access it.


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Tip #107 – PowerPoint

PowerPoint:  Eight Tips for an Awesome PowerPoint Presentation

I have asked you all for ideas for tips – and Maria P answered that call. So you can thank her for this request.


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Tip #003 – PowerPoint

Want to make a 100-photo slideshow (for a wedding, funeral, anniversary) in under 1 minute?

Full tip here: PowerPoint Tip

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