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Tip #156_Outlook

Outlook: I Found the Email – But What FOLDER is it in?


I am a folder fanatic. I keep ALL my email (because I have my own server – I’m not limiting by any IT bullies) because I love how easy it is to SEARCH and find any email any time.

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Tip #150_Outlook

Outlook: Shortcut link to a Favourite Website


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Tip #139 – Outlook

Outlook: Creating an Outlook Distribution List from Excel Data


Scenario:      You have an Excel spreadsheet of people’s names and email addresses that you would like to use to create an Outlook distribution list.

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Tip #133 – Outlook

Outlook: Try It


I have sent out 132 weekly tips over the past 3 years.

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Tip #132 – Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office: These are a Few of My Favourite Things


One great shortcut for each of Word, Excel, Outlook, Windows and PowerPoint.

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Tip 126 – Outlook

Outlook: Calendar Groups (Exchange Server only)

If you find yourself often needing to look at the schedules of the same group of people – you should create a CALENDAR GROUP.


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Tip #095 – Microsoft Office

Word/Excel/Outlook/PowerPoint: Take Your Best Shot


You know you’ve been hitting the PRINTSCREEN button for years – then dealing with that sad little Paint program just so you could get a screenshot into a document or email? Well, have no fear – Screenshot and Screen Clipping is here!

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Tip #092 – Outlook

Outlook: File Messages with a Single Click


I am into folders. And sub-folders. And sub-sub-folders. And… you get the picture.

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Tip #040 – Outlook

Outlook: Oops

This tip is born out of a mistake that I just made…


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Tip #014 – Outlook

Printing a blank monthly calendar page

You would like to print the current month’s BLANK calendar page – but you have already filled in the month with appointments. Here’s what to do – create a new calendar and print it…


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