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Tip #213_Excel

Excel: Show Me the Values


Did you know that if you select part of a formula (up in the formulas bar) and press the [F9] key – the actual value of that cell (instead of just it’s address) will appear.

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Tip #214_Outlook

Outlook: Creating an Add-to-Calendar link in an Email Message


As an alternative to sending out a meeting request, you can add an iCalendar attachment or link to an iCalendar file to an email message – so that when the recipient either opens the attachment or click on the link, the event can be added to their calendar.

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Tip #215_OneDrive for Business

One Drive for Business (aka ODFB): How to See Which Files You Are Sharing


I share files with my instructors. And my husband. And my sister. And some clients. But over the years, I forget which files I’ve given permissions for. How do I remind myself?

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Tip #219_Excel

Excel: Hiding Everything But Your Working Area


If you want to keep people away from areas of your worksheet and just focus on a specific area – or you want to just keep a spreadsheet looking tidier – you can hide all rows and columns outside your designated area.

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Tip 126 – Outlook

Outlook: Calendar Groups (Exchange Server only)

If you find yourself often needing to look at the schedules of the same group of people – you should create a CALENDAR GROUP.


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Tip# 180

now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their party.

  • now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their party.
  • Click here
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Outlook: Two Wee Tips


Quick Calendar GoTo Date

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