Great tips for using Word, Excel, Outlook, Access, PowerPoint, Windows…and much more.

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Tip #011 – Excel

Repeating an Entry…Quickly

Hopefully you are already familiar with Excel’s AutoFill feature: if you are typing a list and start to type an entry that matches a previous entry in that column/list – Excel will try to facilitate quick data entry by displaying (in black) the rest of the entry. If that IS what you were intending to type – press [ENTER] and Excel will complete the entry for you. If that wasn’t what you intended – then finish the entry yourself.


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Tip #012 – Word

Create a super-quick 1-page Poster

If you want to make a quick 1-page poster for some fun event – add a PAGE BORDER. They’ve been around since the Leafs won the Cup (ok…not THAT long…but a long time)…


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Tip #013 – Google Chrome

How to Print on a Single Page

If you have ever tried to print a webpage – and had it spill onto a second (or more) page…


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Tip #014 – Outlook

Printing a blank monthly calendar page

You would like to print the current month’s BLANK calendar page – but you have already filled in the month with appointments. Here’s what to do – create a new calendar and print it…


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Tip #015 – Windows

Does your laptop keeping changing the keyboard language on you?

Sometimes you are typing along, on your laptop, and all of a sudden you’re getting an È when you ask for quotation marks – or you get an É when you expected a ? symbol…


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Tip #016 – PowerPoint

Faster Formatting & Quick Duplication

Any text on a PowerPoint slide – be it a number/bullet list or a paragraph – is contained in a text box/frame.

You know that any time you want to format text that has already been typed – you must first select the text…

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Tip #017 – PowerPoint

Access to Inaccessible Slides

We’ve all received them…slide shows (extension .pps) that arrive by email of gorgeous European castles or breathtaking scenery. If you double-click them the slide show runs automatically (so that you don’t have to know how to go into PowerPoint and start the slideshow) – but you can’t get your hands on the individual pictures…some of which you’d love to add to your desktop wallpaper collection…


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Tip #018 – Windows

Cool Keyboard Tips & Shortcuts – Part 1

I’m only going to give you two shortcuts – because I think there’s a better chance that you’ll actually use them if I don’t overwhelm you. Baby steps…


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Tip #019 – Windows

Cool Keyboard Tips & Shortcuts – Part 2

Are you using the shortcuts from Part 1? I hope so! If not – go re-read them (and use them!) before trying these ones. Go on. It’s good for you. Better than broccoli…


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Tip #020 – Email Etiquette

Four Good Email Etiquette tips

Full tips: Email Etiquette tips

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