Outlook: Two Wee Tips


Quick Calendar GoTo Date


The next time you’re in your calendar view and want to access a future (or past) date really quickly – use [CTRL] G (for Go to) followed by a whole slew of options. [CTRL] G opens the GO TO DATE window – and the current date is highlighted. You could use the q beside the date to scroll to the desired date…BUT…try these little beauties instead:


[CTRL] G (to open the GO TO DATE window) – then type two weeks from tomorrow – and press [ENTER]


[CTRL] G – then type the first of next month – and press [ENTER]


[CTRL] G – then type Christmas – and press [ENTER]


[CTRL] G – then type May – and press [ENTER]


[CTRL] G – then type next Saturday – and press [ENTER]


Quick Sticky Notes


Want to remember something before you go to that meeting or take that call?

In any Outlook view (email, calendar, whatever…) press [CTRL][SHFT]N – to create a new sticky note.

Type in the note space.

Drag it (by the titlebar) to any position on your screen. There you go. When you close Outlook, the note will disappear too. You can always see it if you go to Outlook’s NOTES view.

You can add it to your desktop if you drag the note icon (from the Notes view) onto your Desktop.


Full tip: Outlook tip