Microsoft Web Design (HTML) – Level 2

Please Note: This  HTML course is offered, on-demand, only.

This is a continuation of the Level 1 course. Level 1 is a prerequisite. This busy day covers:

  • Linking (review)
  • Comments
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Meta Tags
  • Special Effects
  • Image Maps (basic)
  • Mouse Overs (basic)


HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language.  It is a markup language that is used for developing web pages and make them view-able. The importance of HTML is often taken for granted.

Hot Tip: It does not have to cost a penny to design a web page. Use the (free) Notepad program (that comes with Windows) to design the web page. There are many good FTP programs that can be downloaded off the net – for uploading your website and it’s components.

Course Cost

$175 per person (+ HST)
9am – 4pm (approx)
Manual Included
After-course email and telephone support included
Contact us for on-site training prices
Maximum 10 Students.