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Tip #047 – Word

Word: Inserting One Document into Another

You have two Word documents that need to be combined into one. What to do? You have a few choices, depending on how you want the combine documents to behave.


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Tip #060 – Word & PowerPoint

Word and PowerPoint: Great graphic tools

For those of you who let me know how exciting  the last (Excel) tip was…Thank You. But…fasten your seat belts…this one is even more exciting. I kid you not!


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Tip #073 – Word

WORD: Getting Rid of Word’s Automatic List Indent


Word now indents number and bullet lists – specifically .25” from the left margin.

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Tip #036 – Word

Cool Cut-Out Text

Ok – this is not something that will help you get your work done faster. But you’ll look so cool no one will care.


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Tip #061 – Word and PowerPoint

Word and PowerPoint : Great graphic tools – PART 2

This continuing tip will deal with CROPPING and LAYERS.


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Tip #054 – Word

Word: Setting the Default Paste Format

Scenario: You often copy then paste information from other sources (websites, other documents, etc) into your Word documents. You find yourself more-often-than-not using the PASTE-KEEP TEXT ONLY option so the incoming data blends seamlessly with your existing document text. Why do you have to do this? Because, the default paste option in Word is “Keep Source Formatting”.


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Tip #076 – Word

Word: Quick table-row numbering (after that fact)

Wish you had numbered the rows in a Word table?
(I caught someone typing in the numbers in each cell by hand…may they rest in peace).

Full tip: Word tip

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Tip #030 – Word

How Readable are Your Documents?

The Flesch–Kincaid readability tests are designed to indicate comprehension difficulty when reading a passage of contemporary academic English. (Thank you, Wikipedia). The average person reads at a Grade 9 level. Easy reading range is 6-10.
To tell where you Word document stands…


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Tip #032 – Word

Printing Ranges in a Sectioned Document

I’m afraid this tip will only be appreciated by the more advanced Word users. But remember – geeks are people too.

You have just printed a lengthy (Word) manual and notice a few typos on two or three of the pages. You fix the typos – but don’t want to have to reprint the entire document…

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Tip #084 – Word

Word (all versions – but these instructions are for 2013): Customized memo pads

I have been using these for years. Print out a page (divided into two memo pad pages) – take it to your local printer and they can print up pads of them – gummy binding and all. Makes great gifts too! And it’s easy-peasy!


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