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Tip #108 – Word & Outlook

Word/Outlook: Adding Your (Actual) signature to a Word document/email

Thanks to Tracey B. for asking for this tip.


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Tip #112 – Outlook

Outlook: 7 Keyboard Shortcuts worth Their Weight in Gold

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m the keyboard/shortcut queen. (Queen/fanatic – it’s a fine line). There’s a reason for this…it is fast(er) and I think that, as we get older – it keeps us sharp.


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Tip #109 – Outlook

Outlook: Flagging Outgoing Messages

Sending an email to someone and want to make sure you stay on whatever task or question you have asked them? FLAG the outgoing email.

You can:

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Tip #007 – Outlook

Make Particular Emails Stand Out

We all get so many emails every day that you can miss the odd one. What if it’s from a very important client (I mean…they all are!) or your boss? How can you avoid missing those email in particular?


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Tip #013 – Google Chrome

How to Print on a Single Page

If you have ever tried to print a webpage – and had it spill onto a second (or more) page…


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