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Tip #022 – Outlook

Helpful Reminders

Someone emails you a request. You WANT to do it – but you’re tied up right now and concerned that you might, after receiving the other 200 emails you get every day, forget about it…


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Tip #050 – Outlook

OUTLOOK: Using a Built-In Promotional Tool

This is a long one! (But worth it)


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Tip #051 – Outlook

Outlook: Sending a Text Message from Outlook


You don’t have to grab your cell phone to send someone a text message – you can send one from your computer…within Outlook.

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Tip #113 – Outlook

Outlook: I like Big Print…I cannot lie

If you are often scanning your Inbox – header (sender) by header…it might be helpful to make your header text BIGGER than the preview text that is included with it.


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Tip #071 – Excel & Outlook

Excel / Outlook: Linking Dates in Excel to your Outlook Calendar

What? Three Outlook tips in a row? Well, I was going to do something else but someone asked me a great question last week about taking “due” dates from an Excel spreadsheet and making Outlook reminders out of them. So, you can thank Pam from Elliot Lake for this one…


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Tip #033 – Outlook

Set a Reminder to Act on an Email

You receive a message that you need to act on – but you’re really tied up at the moment. You get a lot of email and you’re afraid of losing this one in the crowd…


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Tip #070 – Outlook

Outlook: Two Quick Tips



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Tip #067 – Outlook

Outlook: A More Comprehensive Inbox Search

The SEARCH function in all components (mail, calendar, contacts) of Outlook has dramatically improved.


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Tip #069 – Outlook

Outlook: Quick TO/CC/BCC recipient retrieval

You know when you start a new email – and your cursor is sitting in the TO box…and you start to type in the first few letters of the person’s name…IF you have written to them recently their email address will pop up (along with others) so you can click on it. Nice and fast.


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Tip #108 – Word & Outlook

Word/Outlook: Adding Your (Actual) signature to a Word document/email

Thanks to Tracey B. for asking for this tip.


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