Tip #161_Windows10

Windows 10: Multi-Desktops


Windows 10 made its debut in 2014 but people weren’t stampeding to install it – probably because of the disaster that preceded it: Windows Vista. But Windows 10 is here – and it’s pretty terrific with some note-worthy new features. One of which is the ability to have more than one desktop layout. Let’s say you’re working on two projects simultaneously.


For Project A, you’ve opened two Word documents, an Excel spreadsheet, and a web browser.

For Project B, you’ve opened a Word document, an Excel spreadsheet and PowerPoint presentation.

That’s mean you’ve got 7 apps running – all entwined – making it cumbersome to jump back and forth between two particular programs.


Well…you have two separate Desktops – one for each Project. That means that you never have to sort through any apps that aren’t involved in that project. When you want to work on the other project, just switch over to your other Desktop…and now you’ve only got those programs to deal with.


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