Tip #127 – Windows

Windows: Assigning a Static Drive Letter (Advanced-ish)


Ok – I LOVE this tip. I use it and it has saved me a whole lotta hassle.


Here’s the scenario:

You have a USB or portable hard drive that you use on a regular basis. So often, in fact, that you have added a number of its folders to your Windows Favourites (see Tip #122) – for quick access.


BUT…if you unplug that drive – and then plug it in again…Windows very often will have assigned a different drive letter to it….making those lovely Favourites shortcuts you created useless.


Well…you can assign an unchanging (known in the computer world as static) drive letter to that portable drive so that whenever you plug it in to one of your USB drives (and it doesn’t matter which one) it always uses the same drive letter. I know…you are probably doing the Happy dance right now!


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