Tip #112 – Outlook

Outlook: 7 Keyboard Shortcuts worth Their Weight in Gold

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m the keyboard/shortcut queen. (Queen/fanatic – it’s a fine line). There’s a reason for this…it is fast(er) and I think that, as we get older – it keeps us sharp.


Most of the most-used Office keyboard shortcuts make sense and are easy-peasy to remember (think [CTRL] O for Open, [CTRL] S for Save, etc.)


Some keyboard shortcuts aren’t quite as straightforward but are worth the effort ([CTRL] W (think weeeeee, we’re done) to close a document, [CTRL] mouse-wheel to Zoom, etc.)


The following Outlook keyboard shortcuts fall into the second category. Don’t whine – stretch that brain and just learn them. They’re worth it.


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