Tip #131 – Chrome

Chrome: Saving All Open Pages at Once


When looking for something online, like most of you – I do a Google search.


But you never know if a link will be worth the effort. It’s especially annoying if you click a search result link…the page takes forever to load…and it’s not what you’re looking for. Sometimes the BACK button won’t take you back to your Google search…and you’re stuck on the no-good page – and stuck re-doing the initial Google search.

So, I always RIGHT-CLICK result links in the Google result screen – and choose OPEN IN NEW TAB.


That way – if I don’t like that page result (when I click on it and read it) – I just CLOSE that one tab…and I still have my Google search results on the original page/tab.


Sometimes Google returns a whole page of seemingly-great search results – and I want to visit ALL (or many) of them.


So I RIGHT-CLICK each page link and choose OPEN IN NEW TAB. I can end up with an entire row of (web page) tabs that I want to explore


But then I run out of time – and need to shut down my computer or exit Chrome? I don’t want to lose all these page tabs. What to do?


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