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CTC Computer Training recommends Excel 2010 onsite courses
onsite Microsoft Excel 2010 Training

Microsoft Excel 2010 - Level 3

In our Excel 2010 - Level 3 training course, you will learn to create Excel macros that manipulate spreadsheets. Combine powerful tools like lookup tables and macros to implement efficient, time-saving Excel spreadsheets, and explore Pivot Tables.

  • Applying & Using Range Names
  • Date Calculations
  • Vertical (VLOOKUP) and Horizontal (HLOOKUP) lookup tables
  • Basic Excel macros
  • Editing basic Visual Basic code in Excel
  • Adding dialog boxes to Excel macros (making them interactive)
  • Adding macros to the toolbar
  • Pivot tables
    - Creating
    - Customizing
      ~ Removing items from a table
      ~ Changing/removing sub-totals
      ~ The Format Report button

Hot Tip: See the “Name Box” just above columns A & B? Once you use the Name command to name ranges of cells, you can click the down-arrow to the right of the Name Box and click the range that you want to go to.
This nifty Excel feature is terrific for moving around really large spreadsheets quickly. This is just one of the many tips that you will discover in our 1-day Excel 2010 computer training courses (onsite and classroom).

$175 per person (+ HST)
9am - 4pm (approx)
Excel 2010 manual included
After-course email and telephone support included
Contact us for onsite Excel 2010 training prices in Toronto, GTA, or anywhere in Ontario
Maximum 10 Students.